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Master NLP Practitioner

Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Master Life Coach and Public Speaker

Whole Food Health Coach

Who am I?

My name is Stephen Brown. I am passionate in sharing the wisdom of the healing benefits of NLP and whole foods with people stuck in their dis-ease. Through the combination of NLP, Wholefoods,Fasting and Detoxing, I can help you to exponentially release emotions, past trauma, inflammation, weight, and reset your natural healthy state. I believe being in nature is a great place to naturally reduce stresses in a person’s body which helps to release things holding you back. Because of past successes, I conduct many of my sessions in nature for this reason. I wish to run group retreats and set up ‘The Whole Food Academy’, teaching these principles, and also teach the use of NLP, so you can self heal , and help family and friends heal with this wisdom. I had years of experience as a detoxing and cleansing specialist. I run The Reset and Rejuvenation 1 on1 Health retreats, using whole foods as medicine.



What lights me up?

Joy, fun, courage, Change work, Sharing ancient wisdoms.




Looking to create a greater community of health minded, forward thinking people.Through NLP coaching,Facilitating Mind, Body and soul energy balancing, healing retreats to help people become the self-healers of the future.



Why NLP?

My clients, through NLP sessions, recieve a possitive, measurable experience or it’s FREE. We can work together outside and in nature, including beach, bush and park settings. NLP will release stuck emotions which leads to the release of pain. Through NLP, detoxing is made easy, through belief changing around certain foods, to stop cravings and food addiction. With NLP, the healing comes drug free allowing the body to heal quicker. We combine NLP with organic whole foods and personalise diet if needed. Bringing mind, body and soul into alignment, for complete rejuvenation of health.


Healthy self = Heal Thy Self



Clients get to release stuck emotions, trauma, stress and negative beliefs, easily and effortlessly. Individuals with confidence or self-sabotage issues can move forward through NLP. Phobia is a learnt strategy and can be unlearnt quickly. Learn to manage stress and anxiety within minutes, no drugs required. Get a greater connection within your family and business relationships and find your purpose to live a joyful life.

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